Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Binleys et al

I unintentionally deleted my two previous 2015 blogs - never answer the phone while keyboarding. For anyone interested, they referred to an expansion of last year's entries for the Dunkley brothers, and new entries for the Beadsworth family. All but one of the the Beadsworth soldiers who died in the War descended from the same couple in Drayton;  to discover which of them briefly played for Manchester United, have a look at their histories.

The most recent additions to the website concern the Binley family. I am indebted to Janice Binley of Cottingham (strangely enough Janice now lives in the house once occupied by my grandparents) who has generously shared her information with me. I have done further research into relatives and descendants of the Cottingham Binleys so in all there are thirteen new histories to read. Janice has also written an account of her family's antecedents which is published at www.craxfordfamily.co.uk. This fascinating website has a wealth of information on local families including an account of Barrack Yard co-written by Janice. 

I continue to research the individuals and families with Cottingham connections and enter the information onto my database, which is becoming positively gargantuan as a result. New  people keep turning up,  and new online sources of information appearing;  at this rate I will still be compiling entries ten years from now. In the meantime, you will find that the listing of each serviceman  now contains details of the regiment / battalion / unit in which he served, which should help anyone who wants to start his/her own research.  Please contact me if I can help you, or if you can help me. I am currently working on the West and Lines families.

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